Reasons to Engage a Local Firm

Whether you’re a business, organisation or just a person in need of financial advice, it’s always wise to seek counsel from an accountant. Exeter, fortunately has a large number of accountancy firms and single practitioners who stand ready to help with virtually any type of finance- or accounting-related issue. These skilled professionals provide a wide variety of accounting services, and it’s important to choose a local accountant for many reasons. For example, only a locally based firm will have a deep understanding of and experience with financial matters in Exeter and its environs. Such a firm can best serve the unique and specific needs of the city’s residents and businesses. Read on for some important information about engaging an accountant in this vibrant city.

About Exeter’s Financial Climate

The financial climate in Exeter is quite diverse. Businesses and organisations have one set of needs and requirements, and individuals have another. Exeter-based accountancy professionals offer a wide range of services that are tailored to match the specific needs of persons and businesses in the city. Such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business and personal taxation assistance, including value added tax
  • Audit of statutory accounts
  • Management accounting
  • Manual or computerised bookkeeping
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Advice on buying or selling a business
  • Retirement planning
  • Succession planning
  • Business planning
  • Business plan evaluation, advice, and validation
  • Due diligence
  • Assistance with raising finance

About Exeter’s Business Climate

Exeter’s positive business climate is the result of a conscious and optimistic collaboration that exists between the city’s business and civic leaders, and also amongst the towns and villages in the region. This has created a highly successful partnership that fosters, controls and manages change in an effective and dynamic way. Exeter is an energetic, ambitious city with a strong commitment to supporting innovation and encouraging positive change. To support such a progressive vision, a stable financial infrastructure is essential. So, it makes good sense to manage and secure your personal or business financial affairs by engaging a local accountant. Exeter firms stand ready to help, and can do a great deal to help clients understand and exploit the many opportunities that exist in the region. Here are some key points to consider when making your choice.

Choosing the Right Accountancy Firm

Before engaging a firm, it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of your particular financial situation, requirements and needs. This will go a long way toward creating an effective relationship with an accountant. Exeter has a diverse financial climate, so it’s important not to divide your business amongst multiple companies, because this fragmentation leaves you open to incorrect or conflicting decisions and actions. Be sure to check the credentials of any firm you’re considering. It is you, not your accountant, who will be held responsible for any errors. Ensure that the accountancy firm carries indemnity insurance, which will protect you against any losses suffered as a consequence of their actions. Engaging an accountant is one of the best ways to protect yourself against financial disasters.

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6 Reasons To Business Should Use Check Writing Software

Did you know that you can save a lot of time, money and hassle using check printing software capable of printing MICR numbers compared to either pre-printed checkbook checks or pre-printed computer checks?

Federal regulations require checks to have routing transit number and account numbers printed in MICR to reduce cheque fraud. If your checks don’t have MICR numbers, banks will reject them. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, which is a system for printing and reading numbers on a check. It uses a unique number font and prints them with a magnetic ink. This specialized printing speeds up bank processing and makes counterfeiting and forgeries more difficult.

There are two ways to get your checks encoded with MICR numbers. You can have your checks pre-printed with the required information printed in MICR, either in checkbook format or in page format for printing from your computer. Or you can print MICR numbers on blank check stock using MICR-capable check printing software.

There are several advantages to printing on blank check stock over using pre-printed checks:


Printing cheques when you need them, rather than having pre-printed checks lying around, minimizes opportunities for someone to steal your checks. Plus, password-protected computerized data is safer from prying eyes than ledger books. It’s also easy to create back-ups of the data should something happen to your computer or premises.


Running out of checks is a pain. But when you use software to print on blank check stock, you never run out of checks and have to wait for new checks to arrive. A new supply of checks is as close as your local business supply store.

Save time

You can import your check data and print hundreds of cheques with just a few clicks. If you’ve ever written out payroll checks or paid bills by hand, you know how time consuming this is. Not only do you have to write each check individually, but then you have to log the payroll data into your accounting software. With check printing software, you input the data into your accounting software and a few more click exports it for printing.

Save money

Using blank check stock is much less expensive than having checks pre-printed. Plus, if you ever have to change banks or change your address or other information on your checks, you don’t have to have new checks printed – you just change the information in your cheque writer and it prints the new information on the checks.

Report for tax time

Tax time is simplified with printing software. Just a few clicks of the mouse generates a full report of all the checks you’ve written in the past year.

Customize your check with logo to get your brand in the market place.

Pre-printed checks cost more than blank check stock, but getting those pre-printed checks customized with your logo and slogan runs up a really hefty price tag. Cheque software allows you to personalize your checks easily. Just upload your logo image to the software and it prints automatically. Customized checks are an easy way to promote your brand in the marketplace as you pay for goods and services.

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Accounting Firms – A Hassle Less Way Of Bookkeeping

These days once the business processes are being redefined, outsourcing accounting firms are attaining a powerful maintain, specifically amongst the small establishments. This guarantees that only professional accountants will probably be performing the accounting projects for the organization, permitting you to concentrate on the core business which will create far more earnings.

The defining method of doing organization has changed in present day situation of globalization and technology. Outsourcing different processes has proved to be lucrative and therefore helps make plenty of organization perception. Outsourcing accounting processes offer a far better management of finance and also the time, so increasingly more companies and organizations are turning to this method. This process of accounting services primarily involves planning and maintaining everyday accounting and month-to-month or quarterly management accounts.

While large organizations hire full time accountants, in present day aggressive organization planet, those with modest establishments choose to outsource their accounting solutions. Outsourcing to a variety of accounting companies proves to be far more worthwhile than employing an accountant for full time. Outsourcing to this sort of companies indicates reduced cost in terms of the business’s accounting wants.

As being a small enterprise owner, you can’t neglect the importance of the accounting duties by just letting it to become dealt with by nearly any person. No matter the size of the organization, the accounting process is constantly time consuming and hard to manage but additionally among the most important aspects of any business. It needs to be taken care of and that also quite nicely. In fact, accounting is 1 source which helps in identifying the correct condition of any organization. Thus, you may want an accountant that has the proper skills for the task and it is professionally experienced, as well as the outsourcing accounting firms provides you with just that.

Hiring an accounting firm in order to get all of your accounting task completed, will give you and your employees much more time for you to focus on the core matters that will generate a lot more earnings for the enterprise. These outsourcing accounting companies present only professional and experienced accountants for all the accounting duties for your company. This assures that all the monetary method of your organization are in the secure hands. You do not need to be concerned about that small additional expense you must shell out in availing the outsourcing accounting solutions, as these is going to be coated from the earnings that you simply will make from your accounting job done within the appropriate way.

Retaining the documents of one’s accounts can support your organization keep a track of all your organization’s transactions and finances on a regular foundation. Therefore efficient accounting solutions are critical for the productive organization and it assists you understand no matter whether your enterprise is creating funds or heading to get a loss, whether or not your organization has powerful finances or struggling, regardless of whether your expenditures are much more than your income or otherwise, regardless of whether your costs are large or not, and should you be shelling out an excessive amount of income on something and so on. With answers to every one of these puzzling questions, your organization is going to be inside a position of taking better business choices.

Each business is distinct through the other in some or even the other aspects. While hiring a firm, 1 need to see to it that the company it hires ought to be proficient sufficient to fulfill the specifications with the business, as it can be of utmost importance. Their experience within the location of accounting and finance must be reflected within their achieved work resulting inside your company’s revenue. There are also numerous on the web accounting solutions offered which supplies satisfactory tiny business accounting solutions.

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What Makes a Good CPA?

As tax time comes to a close, I find myself once again thinking “phew, I’m glad that’s over.” It’s also around this time of year when I think about how tedious tax preparation can be. If my lifestyle were any simpler then I suppose my tax preparation would be as well. Understanding all the various aspects of the tax code may truly be an act of futility. For that reason praise must be given to the men and women who have chosen a career replete with number crunching and studying tax preparation. These people are the accountants of the world.

Since I find it such a chore to prepare my own taxes I look to accountants for aid. Therefore, one may ask the question, “what makes an accountant worthy to toil through all of my receipts, W-2′s, 1099′s and various other itemized deductions?” To help answer that, I have come up with several attributes that I look for when trying to choose a good accountant.

Without a doubt one of the best attributes is knowledge of the tax laws. A well educated accountant is invaluable to the tax payer. Some people who have prepared taxes for individuals or businesses make claims about their experience in dealing with the IRS. No matter what their experience may be, many of them are not Certified Public Accountants. For me having the 3 letters “CPA” included on the tax preparers title brings comfort my mind because it shows at least that my tax preparer has been trained. Those 3 letters also imply accuracy and dedication.

Along with knowledge of the well trained CPA, a good quality for an accountant is punctuality of services. I understand that the client needs to present his/her tax documents in a timely manner so the preparer can meet specified deadlines. However, professionalism by staying ahead of the game and filing extensions when deemed appropriate are valuable weapons that I like to see in the CPA’s arsenal.

Since there is a lot of responsibility placed on the client as well for accuracy when filling out tax documents, there are times when the client needs advice or coaching. Therefore, another great attribute of the CPA is availability. There have been countless times when looking at my tax paperwork confusion over certain things creates consternation. Being able to get a hold of any accountant knowledgeable of my circumstances may be a daunting task especially when dealing with a large accounting firm.

After reaching my accountant and relaying my concerns, the next attribute of importance is communication. As much as I admire professionals and the knowledge they possess in their area of expertise, sometimes they forget that not everyone understands their vernacular. Some questions are answered using verbiage that can leave you more confused than before you posed the question. Speaking plainly to the client about concerns can oftentimes be very refreshing.

In conclusion, the afore mentioned characteristics of accountants I feel are very important: Knowledge, Availability and Communication. With these qualities, the accountant can make their client feel less troubled by fear of institutional reprisals or reproach.

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So what goes on the accounting and bookkeeping departments? What do these individuals do on a every day?

Properly, 1 factor they do that is terribly essential to everyone working there’s Payroll. All of the salaries and taxes earned and paid by every worker every pay out period have to be recorded. The payroll department has to make certain which the appropriate federal, condition and local taxes are being deducted. The shell out stub connected for your paycheck records these taxes. They commonly include cash flow tax, social security taxes pous employment taxes that must be compensated to federal and condition government. Other deductions contain private ones, such as for retirement, holiday, sick pay out or medical benefits. It’s a crucial operate. Some firms have their own payroll departments; other people outsource it to specialists.

The accounting division receives and information any payments or money obtained from consumers or clients of the business enterprise or service. The accounting department has to create sure which the funds is sourced accurately and deposited in the proper accounts. They also handle exactly where the money goes; how very much of it is kept on-hand for regions such as payroll, or how significantly of it goes out to pay out what the corporation owes its banks, vendors and other obligations. Some really should also be invested.

The other facet from the receivables enterprise would be the payables region, or cash disbursements. A organization writes a great deal of checks throughout the program of 12 months to shell out for purchases, supplies, salaries, taxes, loans and companies. The accounting division prepares all these checks and information to whom they had been disbursed, how considerably and for what. Accounting departments also retain monitor of buy orders placed for inventory, for instance merchandise which will be sold to buyers or customers. They also hold monitor of assets including a business’s house and equipment. This may involve the workplace constructing, furniture, computer systems, even the smallest items including pencils and pens.

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What are auditors?

Accountants and auditors aid to make sure that the Nation’s firms are run efficiently, its general public information kept precisely, and its taxes paid properly and on time. They carry out these essential capabilities by offering an increasingly large array of business and accounting companies, which includes general public, management, and government accounting, too as internal auditing, to their clients. Beyond carrying out the fundamental jobs of the occupation-preparing, analyzing, and verifying personal paperwork to be able to present details to clients-many accountants now are needed to possess a broad assortment of knowledge and abilities. Accountants and auditors are broadening the companies they provide to consist of spending budget analysis, monetary and investment preparing, info technologies consulting, and restricted authorized providers.
Specific work duties vary broadly among the four major fields of accounting: general public, management, and administration accounting and inside auditing.
Inside auditors confirm the accuracy of their organization’s interior records and verify for mismanagement, waste, or fraud. Inner auditing is an more and more essential region of accounting and auditing. Interior auditors study and consider their firms’ personal and facts techniques, management methods, and inner controls to make sure that data are accurate and controls are satisfactory to protect towards fraud and waste. Additionally they assessment company operations, evaluating their efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with company policies and procedures, laws, and administration regulations. You’ll find a lot of kinds of highly specialized auditors, including electronic data-processing, environmental, engineering, authorized, insurance premium, bank, and well being care auditors. As computer system techniques make details timelier, inside auditors help managers to base their selections on actual information, as opposed to personal observation. Interior auditors also may possibly suggest controls for his or her organization’s computer system program, to make sure the reliability from the system as well as the integrity with the info.

Govt accountants and auditors function in the public sector, sustaining and examining the information of government agencies and auditing private companies and individuals whose activities are subject to authorities regulations or taxation. Accountants employed by Federal, State, and regional governments guarantee that revenues are obtained and expenditures are created in accordance with legal guidelines and laws. Those employed by the Federal Administration may possibly operate as Inside Revenue Service agents or in fiscal management, fiscal institution examination, or spending budget evaluation and administration.

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Personal Accounting

If you’ve a checking accounts, obviously you balance it periodically to accounts for any differences between what’s within your statement and what you wrote down for checks and deposits. Many individuals get it done after a month when their assertion is mailed to them, but with the introduction of on the internet banking, you’ll be able to get it done every day if you’re the kind whose banking tends to have away from them.

You balance your checkbook to note any charges in your looking at account which you haven’t recorded as part of your checkbook. Some of these can incorporate ATM fees, overdraft charges, special transaction charges or minimal equilibrium fees, if you are needed to keep a minimum balance inside your account. You also steadiness your checkbook to file any credits that you simply have not noted previously. They may contain automated deposits, or refunds or other electronic deposits. Your examining accounts may possibly be an interest-bearing account and you would like to document any curiosity that it’s earned.

You also need to learn if you have made any errors inside your recordkeeping or if the financial institution has produced any errors.

An additional form of accounting that we all dread will be the filing of annual federal profits tax returns. Lots of people use a CPA to try and do their returns; other people get it done themselves. Most types contain the following objects:

Profits – any funds you have attained from operating or proudly owning assets, until you will discover particular exemptions from income tax.

Personal exemptions – this is really a particular amount of earnings that’s excused from tax.

Normal deduction – some individual expenditures or business bills may be deducted out of your revenue to reduce the taxable amount of profits. These bills incorporate items for example interest paid in your house mortgage, charitable contributions and house taxes.

Taxable cash flow – This may be the balance of revenue that is topic to taxes following personal exemptions and deductions are factored in.

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How is accounting utilized in company?


It might appear obvious, but in managing a organization, it’s essential to understand how the business enterprise helps make a profit. A company needs a fantastic business enterprise mannequin and a superb revenue mannequin. A company sells merchandise or companies and earns a specific amount of margin on every unit bought. The number of units sold would be the income volume in the course of the reporting time period. The organization subtracts the amount of fixed costs for your interval, which provides them the operating gain prior to interest and cash flow tax.

It is important to not confuse profit with cash movement. Revenue equals sales income minus expenses. A business manager should not presume that sales income equals cash influx and that bills equal money outflows. In recording product sales revenue, cash or an additional resource is elevated. The resource accounts receivable is increased in documenting revenue for gross sales produced on credit score. Many costs are recorded by lowering an asset other than money. For instance, cost of items offered is documented having a decrease towards the stock asset and depreciation expense is recorded with a decrease for the book value of fixed assets. Also, some expenditures are recorded with an enhance inside the accounts payable liability or an enhance inside the accrued charges payable legal responsibility.

Bear in mind that some budgeting is much better than none. Budgeting supplies important advantages, like understanding the gain dynamics and the financial structure with the enterprise. It also assists for preparing for changes inside the upcoming reporting period. Budgeting forces a business supervisor to concentrate on the factors that need to be improved to boost earnings. A well-designed management return and loss report offers the vital framework for budgeting return. It is constantly an excellent concept to look ahead towards the returning year. If nothing else, a minimum of plug the numbers within your gain report for product sales volume, gross sales prices, product fees as well as other expense and see how your projected earnings appears for that arriving 12 months.

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